jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Personal Description

Hi my friends. My name is Carlos Alberto Cisneros. I´m 47 years old. I work as System Engineer in Kapsch TrafficCom Chile S.A.
I have 2 sons in Chile; Nicolás (22), Sebastián (17) and my daughter Sofia (13), and i´m divorced. So i´m living on my own. My parents and the rest of the family live in Argentina.
I´m argentine, I´m living in Chile since 1989. But i´m still learning about the chilean manners.
In my free times, i like riding bike around Santiago City and i go to Providencia Parks to make sports. I also hanging out with my friends. I also participate in parents school meetings.
On sundays is the mandatory children meetings and we spend the time eating lunch and going to the cinemas, parks, malls, ice rinks.
My hobby was to take singing lessons, but my memory and my ear did not help me, so i gave them up.
About my physical features, i´m a person of medium height (1,82) and weight (87 kilos).

What about you guys?

See you